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Do not overtake

No Overtaking!

Are you allowed to pass this cyclist? Absolutely no! Do not overtake.


Why women should be paid more than men?

Why women should get paid more than men? A very realistic reason. It’s not just the shoes that they have to spend so much. Think about clothes, makeup, bags and whole lot more stuff.

Funny Piglet USB

Funny Piggy USB

Gadgets can be fun. USB drives and ports come in all shapes. This one is really funny. Attach the piglets to their mother’s breasts to transfer the files.

Take My Money - Piggy bank

Take My Money

This piggy bank is really cute and funny. You put the coin on it and the kitty comes out to collect it. Innovative and fun!

Word Game

Which word did you see first?

Which word did you find first? Leave a comment and let us know the first word you see. We think at least 70% of the responses will be the same and 90% will be one of three words.

Earphone problem

Earphone problem

Earphones can be a big problem. When you try to listen to a song, they just fall off your ears. When you want to pull them out, they rip your ears apart.

Funny Irish Anatomy

The Irish anatomy

Here’s a silly Irish comic! You can see the anatomy of an Irish man (or woman).  The main feature is the “spare …

Finding Sign

Have you seen this sign?

Okay, it’s not funny at all. I have lost track of this sign that I put up some time ago. I hope you can help me find this sign. Thanks.