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Hipmunk Crazy Ad Video

Hipmunk Crazy Ad

This advertisement for a website called Hipmunk puts humans in viral animal videos. You won’t have any trouble recognizing them.

→ July 28, 2011

Temporary memory loss isn’t something rare. Must have happened with you. It happens with me all the time.

→ July 28, 2011

Very cheerful message by a beggar seeking alms. ‘Smile if you masturbate.’ No doubt, you smiled.

→ July 28, 2011

It is too much for the dog to stand. How long will this girl keep teasing the poor dog by showing off her ball! Not fair at all.

Kate Upton Swimsuit

Kate Upton Swimsuit Model

Meet voluptuous and sexy Kate Upton, the superhot lingerie model who is steaming up the swimsuit world. She’s has appeared in the …

Kate Upton Dance

Kate Upton Dancing

Victoria’s Secret model Kate Upton teaches how to dougie at the Clippers Game. Watch hot and sexy Kate Upton teach you some dance steps.

Rupert Murdoch Attacked With Pie: You Tube Video

Media baron Rupert Murdoch was attacked by a protestor wielding a shaving foam pie as he gave evidence at the Culture Media and Sport committee on UK phone-hacking by News of the World newspaper. He was saved from being the target of the cake attack by his wife.


Parking Spot FAIL

Your parking lot might be safe from muggers, but are you safe from an epic fail?