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Mission Shopping

Mission Shopping

Mission: Go to GAP, buy a pair of jeans. See how a boy and girl do it differently.

I Love You


I don’t know what to do and I ended up doing nothing.

Windows Snacks

Apple Hates It

What else do you expect Steve Job to do if you call your snacks brand Windows?

Food Art

Oreo Cameo Food Art

What do you do with cookies? Eat them, so silly of me to ask! You wouldn’t have said this if you were …

Cheapest Apple Notebook

Cheapest Apple Laptop

Are you a big Apple fan but don’t have the money to buy an Apple laptop? A little trick can get you a brand new Apple computer for the price of your regular brand computer.

Bad Doggie Spills Secret

Two Bad Doggies

Good and bad is based on perception. So what have dogs done to make them worthy of bad reputation from women’s perspective? Pictures of two dogs caught in the middle of the act shed light on this mystery.

Sexy Girl From Rajasthan

Extreme Makeover

You don’t need a fashion designer to change the wardrobe of an Indian woman. The following ads for Richard Murphy show how a pair of scissors can turn a traditional dress into a fashionable attire. Just cut the saree or ghaghara (skirt) six inches below the waist line.

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan

Weird Restaurants

Can you eat with your platter served on a coffin? How about using a toilet commode instead as the dining table? These are the themes of some weird restaurants in the world.

Vintage Barometer Funny

Funny Vintage Barometer

It is a 20th century barometer that never fails to tell you the weather. The tail of the donkey acts as an “infallible weather indicator”.