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Do not overtake

No Overtaking!

Are you allowed to pass this cyclist? Absolutely no! Do not overtake.


Why women should be paid more than men?

Why women should get paid more than men? A very realistic reason. It’s not just the shoes that they have to spend so much. Think about clothes, makeup, bags and whole lot more stuff.


Biblio Love

A love so bookish??? Why is he/she so fond of books? Via: Post Secret

Cheating wife

Cheating Wife

The woman you are marrying has cheated on you with at least 3 people. How do I know? Any guess!

Create your own meme comic!

Make your own Meme!!!

Memes with funny sketches are a rage on the Internet. Here is a meme image on creating your own meme comic. Damn simple. This meme was created using an online website for creating rage comic memes.


Crazy Kids

Crazy kids doing funny acts… caught on camera.