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Funny Piglet USB

Funny Piggy USB

Gadgets can be fun. USB drives and ports come in all shapes. This one is really funny. Attach the piglets to their mother’s breasts to transfer the files.

14 Point Arial Apology

14 Point Arial Apology

According to reports, a UK court has ordered Apple to issue a public apology on its website and newspapers in “14 point Arial” font. Why? Apple had claimed that Samsung stole its iPad design for its tablet. The court has ruled against Apple as Samsung’s devices were “not as cool” as iPad.

Funny Chemistry

Funny Chemistry – LOL Chemistry

Chemistry is a mystery for a lot of people. Do you remember having such a weird conversation in the loo during your chemistry test? If you don’t get the joke refer to the Periodic Table.

How to Burn in Hell

Burn in Hell

The next time you want someone to burn in hell, do not curse. Follow a two-step process to actually make them burn in hell. Damn funny.

Mission Shopping

Mission Shopping

Mission: Go to GAP, buy a pair of jeans. See how a boy and girl do it differently.