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setting booby traps

Booby Trap

What not to do when caught staring at a girl’s boobs?

Take a Crap

Now that these good parents took a crap in the pool, it is time for them to to drown in it.

Wrong Shot, Cupid

Wrong Shot, Cupid

I hope the cupid never misses any shot in the future again. One poor child molested by an old man who pretty respectable until the ‘accident’ is more than enough. No more scandals, please.

Harry Potter Sex

Ron, How Could You!

Ron is not a good friend. He seems to be playing with emotions of both Harry Potter and his girlfriend.

Alone on Island

Stranded on Lonely Island

If you were stranded on an uninhabited island, what would you do? This guy just found Internet connectivity.

Food Art

Oreo Cameo Food Art

What do you do with cookies? Eat them, so silly of me to ask! You wouldn’t have said this if you were …